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Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon - January 28, 2022

Expected Behavior is making a new project management system we call Burndown and we're going to develop it in public. In truth, we're resurrecting Burndown. It was the internal tool that allowed our small consulting company to beat out big-and-famous competition by providing faster, more accurate project management with little to no human work. When we transitioned to a product company, we convinced ourselves we didn't need it. As it happens, that wasn't the best choice and we've missed it ever since.

Join us as we rebuild Burndown! We'll detail all our thoughts, choices, designs and processes as we bring our favorite way to manage projects back to life.

Why are you developing your product in public?

It's the kind of thing we enjoy reading about at Expected Behavior. No two teams use the same processes or think about the same things. We think reading about how other teams do it is an easy way to gain experience. If you think that too, join our mailing list and we'll update you on every new post!

But, like, isn't there enough project management software in the world?

We've tried a lot of things since we turned off the original Burndown and none of them worked great for us. We'll write in detail about what other tools are missing and how Burndown fills the gap. If there's a specific tool you're hoping we'll talk about, let us know.

You sonofabitch, I'm in!

Great! It wouldn't have been the same without you.

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Follow along as we build Burndown. We’ll talk about design, development, and our project management philosophy.