Big Picture Project Management for software teams. With Burndown, you can easily answer questions like "When will my projects be done?" and "Do I have enough capacity?"


We made the best API for creating PDF and XLS files. You send HTML, JS, and CSS, and you get back beautiful, high quality PDF and XLS documents at scale.

Past Products

Sometimes a product doesn’t work out. Maybe timing, maybe execution, maybe attention - probably a combination of those and more. Here are some of the products we used to work on.



We helped startups and large enterprises monitor their applications in real-time at massive scale. Instrumental was powerful, scalable, cost-effective application performance monitoring. read on!



A few years ago we were talking with John Nunemaker at RubyConf and he made a comment that we’ve all thought about before: you shouldn’t use code you couldn’t write yourself … read on!

Pirate Metrics


There are a lot of possible ways to measure the success of a business. When we were just getting started, we struggled to boil it down to just a few simple things that really indicated how we were doing … read on!



We acquired Gauges from GitHub in 2013 because we loved the focus on simple, real-time web analytics. After 4 years, we decided to simplify our product portfolio and focus on DocRaptor and Instrumental. Gauges was acquired by ReportGarden in 2017. Visit Gauges